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Job Title
U1U99U01013 Search expires on 02-04 23:04 pm
PSI-BLAST Iteration 1
Query ID
plant defensin 1.3 [Arabidopsis thaliana]
Molecule type
amino acid
Query Length
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Reports are generated on using all sequences producing significant alignments. To generate reports on a subset of sequences, use the report links in the Descriptions tab while selecting specific sequences.

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Compare these results against the new Clustered nr database Help

Clustered nr is the standard NCBI nr database clustered with each sequence within 90% identity and 90% length to other members of the cluster. Your BLAST search runs against a single representative sequence for each cluster.

The representative is used as a title for the cluster and can be used to fetch all the other members.

Clustered nr is smaller and more compact for searching. Results for a clustered nr search have more taxonomic depth than standard nr results.