ElasticBLAST has been tested on Linux and macOS. ElasticBLAST on Windows is not supported at this time. On a Windows machine you can use the Google or AWS Cloud Shells respectively.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Google Cloud Command Line Interface

  • kubectl: Please be sure to install a version supported by GCP (see this link for supported versions)

  • gke-cloud-auth-plugin

  • You are authenticated, have configured gcloud with the appropriate GCP project, and have the necessary permissions in that GCP project. If working on a newly created GCP instance, this likely requires running the command gcloud auth login.

    You can configure gcloud with the GCP project with the command gcloud config set project GCP_PROJECT_ID.

    • GCP permissions

      • GKE: to manage a kubernetes cluster on which to run ElasticBLAST.

      • GCS: to store results and query splits.

      • Permissions for Auto-shutdown feature

      Note: elastic-blast attempts to enable the relevant GCP APIs if they are not enabled already.

Please visit also our page with tips for GCP.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)