Installation from BioConda

Please follow the steps below to install ElasticBLAST from BioConda:

Configure Conda

If you already have a file called $HOME/.condarc, edit it to ensure it contains the text below, otherwise create a new file with its contents.

    - conda-forge
    - bioconda
    - defaults
ssl_verify: true

Create a new Anaconda environment

The command below creates a new (or overwrites an existing) conda environment and installs the latest version of ElasticBLAST.

In the next 2 commands, elb-env can be replaced by the conda environment name of your choosing, as long as it is the same in both commands.

conda create -y -n elb-env elastic-blast==1.1.0

Activate the environment

conda activate elb-env

Test the installation of ElasticBLAST

elastic-blast --version

After running this command, you should get the following output:

elastic-blast 1.1.0